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So-called “ColoradoCare” is on the ballot in Colorado this November as Amendment 69.  If passed, this centralized healthcare system would create a single-payer (meaning solely taxpayer-funded) healthcare system.

ColoradoCare proponents insist that their taxpayer-supported system will solve our Obamacare woes and provide us with a better system. With a $38 Billion dollar program price tag, which more than doubles the state budget, the proposal essentially doubles the state’s budget, soaking many hard-working Coloradans through a 10% payroll tax increase. This would give Colorado the highest income tax in the nation.  Businesses will leave the state, the constitution will be changed and cannot be undone and unaccountable politicians will be in charge.

Recently a study revealed that ColoradoCare has grossly underestimated the cost to provide the healthcare they promise. While supporters claim the plan will have a $1.6 billion surplus in year one, the Colorado Health Institute study shows that ColoradoCare will operate with a $253 million deficit. And that will balloon to a $7.8 billion budget shortfall by 2028. This is a prescription for disaster!

ColoradoCare is a prescription for disaster in Colorado. We need only to look at the abandoned single-payer plan in Vermont Example, the out of control costs and mismanagement of funds in our own failed Obamacare state exchange, the dramatic lack of service observed in the Department of Veterans Affairs Debacle, and the European Style Rationing of Care to predict the outcome of ColoradoCare.   So what’s the alternative?  We’ve offered top-level solutions below.


Vermont Example

Vermont pressed hard for a single-payer healthcare system but was forced to abandon the plan in light of the prediction that it would result in a 151 percent tax increase that would financially devastate its citizens.

“The 11.5 percent payroll tax would have crippled small companies that account for most of the state’s employment.” — Betsy Bishop, president of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce.


Failed Obamacare State Exchange

ColoradoCare proponents tout Amendment 69 as the answer to the failures of Obamacare, yet the last few years provide ample evidence to the contrary. Coloradans have suffered the failure of two co-ops in the Obamacare state exchange resulting in over 170,000 Coloradan’s losing their healthcare plans and costing billions in taxpayer dollars.

According to the Denver Post, a partial audit of the state Obamacare exchange, Connect for Health Colorado, found $31.6 million in contract irregularities, in addition to other wasteful and questionable spending practices. Rather than serving as a hopeful alternative, a single payer system would only magnify the problems we’ve already seen – skyrocketing costs and plummeting quality of care.


Department of Veterans Affairs Debacle

The Veterans Affairs hospital system is a long-time example of the harm single-payer healthcare brings to the very patients it’s supposed to care for. A report from the VA’s own inspector shows that over 300,000 veterans may have died waiting for healthcare services.  Colorado’s VA facilities are some of the worst in the country, with nearly 12% of appointments delayed for at least 30 days.


European Style Rationing of Care

Amendment 69 proponents want us to gaze upon the European and Canadian systems as examples of the glory of statist healthcare.  With long waiting lists for care that often result in conditions turning chronic or irreversible, their example just doesn’t hold up.


What’s the solution to the failure of Obamacare?

There is only one solution to the failure of Obamacare: repeal it and re-establish a truly free healthcare marketplace, unhindered by unnecessary government instruction, allowing the consumer be in the driver’s seat in selecting their own doctors and the services they want and need.

Hard working citizens do not need to hand over more of their hard earned dollars to the government to manage their healthcare options.  That is a prescription for disaster!  Keeping more money in our pockets and freeing up the healthcare market place is essential.

When true competition is in place, consumers always benefit because it’s consumer demand – not bureaucrats – that ultimately drives the market to improve technology and increase options at lower prices. No such incentive exists in a government-run system that can’t possibly sustain the true cost of healthcare services.

According to the Independence Institute a Colorado-based think tank:

  • ColoradoCare will increase the state income tax to 14.63 percent, the highest in the country.
  • ColoradoCare will control medical prices and medical spending.
  • ColoradoCare is not health insurance.
  • ColoradoCare can assess unlimited income taxes.
  • ColoradoCare will administer all State and Federal health programs except Medicare.
  • The Colorado General Assembly will lose control of roughly a third of the state budget.
  • All personal health care data will be deposited in a database for publicly available research.




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